Special Hoists


Special Hoists

Bespoke hoist solutions.

In addition to the comprehensive range of pre-engineered hoists, Street has many years experience in the design and manufacture of special hoisting solutions.

Using the design philosophy taken from both the ZX and VX range of standard products, Street is able to design customized hoists to suit the precise requirements of the most demanding applications.

Special Street hoisting systems may be part of an overall crane solution provided wholly by Street Crane, or increasingly, Street is a provider of lifting solutions to the crane industry world-wide with many of the world leading crane makers incorporating Street special hoists into their crane designs. Some typical features which may be incorporated into special hoisting equipment are as follows:-

Special high speed/heavy duty combinations
Extra large lifting heights
Multi-point lifting
Rotating hoists
Multi directional hoists
Hoists integrated with grabs or lifting beams
Dual hoists
Special control equipment
Ultra low headroom hoists
Special high temperature applications
Molten metal solutions with 100% safe redundant braking systems.
Naturally all specially engineered hoists are manufactured to the highest quality standards in a modern purpose built plant using advanced production methods.