Wire Rope Hoists


Wire Rope Hoists

The Street ZX wire rope hoist, the key to safe and efficient lifting.

The Street ZX wire rope hoist was first developed in the late 1990s and very quickly became the best selling hoist product that Street has ever produced, firmly establishing Street as a Global volume hoist manufacturer.

The ZX hoist very quickly developed a strong reputation for reliability and endurance with an unparalleled record in a vast range of applications and environments worldwide.

Every function of the latest generation ZX hoist has been reviewed and a whole series of innovations applied to provide new levels of user-friendliness and performance. The result is an easy to operate, high endurance hoist incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Our ZX range has recently been updated with higher lifting capacities for the ZX6 and ZX8 models.

The ZX wire rope hoist has been designed to fulfill expectations and improve our customer’s productivity. With exceptionally safe and efficient lifting, the new ZX hoist sets the benchmarks in the crane industry and provides a series of unique benefits for the user.

The ZX hoist epitomises intelligent design for easy load handling and we think you will agree represents unbeatable value for money and a serious investment.

The ZX range includes the ZX6, ZX8 and ZX10 hoists, an in-depth product brochure for the whole